Inside Monaco: Playground Of The Rich

July 2021

S1 Ep3

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We discover just how expensive it is to live in Monaco. Average property prices are around twice as much as in London’s most exclusive district, Mayfair. One of the main reasons for this is that to qualify for official residency in Monaco, you have to own or lease a residence so demand outstrips supply.

S1 Ep2

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We go inside the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, where the present fortunes of Monaco began. Its impressive architecture conjures up an era of exotic glamour, but it no longer provides the vast revenues it once did. They have to work hard to attract the new wealthy, especially from Asia, where the approach to gambling is ver...

S1 Ep1

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Director Michael Waldman explores how this extraordinary country operates. He meets everyone from Prince Albert and his staff in the Palace to wealthy widow Monika Bacardi as she takes him on a tour in her chauffeur-driven classic Rolls Royce, and then goes track side with former F1 winner David Coulthard and team owner Ed...