Inside The Crown: Secrets Of The Royals

September 2020

3. Trials And Tribulations

3.0 52 x
This episode explores how the Queen has handled some of the greatest trials and tribulations of her reign, from national disasters to personal tragedies.

4. Top Job, The

3.0 57 x
Over her record breaking reign, Queen Elizabeth II has mastered the art of being a monarch, both at home and abroad. This episode examines her reign and just what qualities are needed to do her job.
August 2020

1. Love And Duty

3.0 72 x
Historians, royal insiders and the wider family provide fresh insight into who the Queen and her family really are, and how they have navigated the seven decades of her record-breaking reign.

2. Front Page News

4.0 69 x
A look at the Royal Family’s relationship with the press, from the censorship in the 1950s to the tabloid feeding frenzy of the 1980s and ‘90s, and asks what the future holds for the Windsors.