Inspector Rex

June 2016

S15 Ep12 - Ice Age Part 2

Expired 4.0 431 x
Ice Time: Part 2 - German Shepherd police dog Rex and his police partner Terzani embark on investigations to solve murder mysteries. (From Italy, in German) (Drama Series) (class tba)

S15 Ep11 - Ice Age Part 1

Expired 3.0 332 x
Ice Time: German Shepherd police dog Rex and his police partner Terzani embark on investigations to solve murder mysteries. (Part 1) (From Italy, in German) (Drama Series) (class tba)

S15 Ep10 - Professional Seducers

Expired 3.0 280 x
Professional Seducers - Rex and Terzani find themselves catapulted into the world of struggling singles. Antonio Tassinari, known professionally as Excel - a renowned seduction instructor who conducts courses teaching shy men how to overcome their inhibitions- is stabbed to death in a lounge bar while carrying out a ?pract...
May 2016

S15 Ep9 - In Pieces

Expired 3.5 198 x
In Pieces - A senior post office official is murdered in his flat. Terzani and Rex's investigations seem to point to the victim's ex-wife, who has never resigned herself to her husband's separation. So many clues seem to lead to her that Gori decides to detain her for further questioning. Terzani and Rex, however, discover...

S15 Ep8 - Sleepless Nights

Expired 3.3 218 x
Sleepless Nights - An undercover policeman, Michele Rossi, infiltrated in a major criminal organisation, is ambushed and killed by two mysterious professional killers. Inspector Terzani, a close friend of the victim, disobeys Gori's orders and conducts his own investigation. In incognito, Terzani and Rex get themselves adm...

S15 Ep5 - Class Struggle

Expired 3.0 210 x
Class Struggle - A female teacher taking part in a school outing to Rome comes to the police station to report that one of her students, Sara Borelli, has been bullied and drugged while she was in the hotel. Interrogated by Terzani, Sara recounts how she had been unwittingly drugged by classmate Clara Moretti. But then Cla...

S15 Ep4 - Wunderkammer

Expired 3.0 186 x
Wunderkammer - Terzani and Rex investigate when the wealthy owner of a construction company is killed by a rifle shot during a hunting party. (Italy) #SBSdrama

S15 Ep3 - Bitter Chocolate

Expired 2.5 166 x
Bitter Chocolate - When the president of a chocolate factory, Ruggiero Onorati, dies from eating a poisoned chocolate, Terzani and Rex focus their investigation on the man's family, where various bitter conflicts come to light. The victim's sister, Giulia Onorati, had angrily fallen out with him over company strategy conce...

S15 Ep2 - Third Half

Expired 3.0 131 x
The president of a rugby club, Eugenio Sartor, is killed in his home shortly after watching a team training session. Sartor, the owner of the Eagles, had been forced to seek help from his brother-in-law Mazzilli to put the club’s finances in order. Mazzilli had thus become the victim’s business partner, relinquishing his o...

S15 Ep1 - Graduation Party

Expired 3.0 358 x
Graduation Party - A professor from an online university is found murdered in a suburb of Rome. The investigations focus on the university, and Inspector Terzani and Rex explore the variegated world of the online Faculty, which has bases in Rome, Novedrate and Messina. The professor had taught cultural anthropology, and it...