Irish Pickers

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Irish Pickers

Ian and Butzy cross the Irish Sea to the north of England, where destinations include Manchester United's Old Trafford, the home of sporting great George Best.

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Season 1
The boys’ first buying trip today is on his home turf of Dublin, where they visit some old contacts in the antiques corner of the capital and cut some great deals.
The Irish Pickers are in the very west of Ireland in County Mayo, visiting an antiques and rare bookstore run by Roger Grimes in the small town of Mulranny.
Doing business with other dealers is at the heart of the antique and collectible business, and today Ian is travelling all around the country to find the very best items to buy & sell on for a profit.
Ian and Butzy make a trip across the Irish Midlands towards County Galway. They attend an auction which is selling fittings from the 1914 cruise ship Britannic.
Top Dublin dealer Ian Dowling and his mate Butzy head south of Dublin to County Wexford and three picking locations.
The lads are in Northern Ireland, and kick off in the capital city, Belfast, home to the shipyard Harland and Wolff, which built one of history's most famous ocean liners, the doomed SS Titanic.