June 2016

Ep 6 Virtual Reality Bites

3.0 108 x
Liv and Ravi investigate a shut-in Internet troll who died in his basement. Meanwhile, Major continues his search for the Candyman, and Blaine is forced to cut off a customer with extreme prejudice.

Ep 5 Flight of The Living Dead

3.0 94 x
Liv's former sorority sister dies in a skydiving accident, but Liv soon realizes that it's murder. As she and Clive investigate the case, Major asks Clive to help him find the missing Jerome.

Ep 3 The Exterminator

3.0 83 x
A victim turns out to be a sociopathic hit man responsible for the murder of a tech entrepreneur. Liv and Ravi dig deeper into a supposed zombie sighting.

Ep 4 Liv and Let Clive

3.0 91 x
Liv is surprised when Clive is quick to refuse her help in solving a murder, so Liv and Ravi investigate on their own. Meanwhile, Major begins searching for a roommate.