Joint Venture

Joint Venture catch up

July 2020

Season 1 Episode 1 - Seed

3.0 23 x
In a situation where marijuana is legalised in Brazil, Biriba sees his clients diminishing rapidly. He has to provide for his family, so he faces a dilemma. Does he accept an offer from his best friend and go down the path of crime, or become partners with a dodgy client who wants to run a ‘legal’ business.

Season 1 Episode 10 - Mergers And Acquisitions

4.0 9 x
Friends again, Biriba and Salim decide to kidnap Vini. When they discover Humberto is on his way to a bar to hand over a suitcase full of money to Castilho, Vini goes in with them and they get the money back. Vini decides to leave São Paulo. And Salim, who is vowed to be hit by CD, does the same. Biriba returns home, resol...

Season 1 Episode 2 - Going Legit

4.0 7 x
Still shaken by his disastrous mission, Biriba starts to make the first steps towards getting a legal job. But worse than becoming a proper businessman, his major challenge is to free himself finally from the drugs scene. And he will have to get in touch with Salim to tell him can’t work a smoke hole for him. Meanwhile, Vi...

Season 1 Episode 3 - Terpenes

4.0 19 x
The Maria Juana Store opens. Biriba tries to find his feet in legalised business. Piolho has valuable evidence and approaches Biriba with a dodgy offer. Kelly tries to find a job and Salim starts his new job as a trafficker.

Season 1 Episode 4 - A Man's Word Is His Bond

3.0 138 x
Biriba and Vini are getting into deep water with their new business. While Vini sees bribing the regional city inspector as an investment, Biriba takes it as an insult. Meanwhile Salim has to deal with similar problems. The cop responsible for drugs traffic in his area, demands an increase in his kickback, and Salim gives ...

Season 1 Episode 5 - Paloma Haze

3.0 42 x
Biriba’s financial problems worsen with the arrival of competition. The owners of the Maria Juana Store hire a publicity agency to give sales a boost, but results do not improve. About to give up, Biriba tries one of Joselo’s special products and make some changes at the store. Meanwhile Salim’s problems deepen when rumors...

Season 1 Episode 6 - More Than You Chew

3.0 10 x
Biriba finally takes charge of the business and transforms the Maria Juana Store into what he imagined it would be like at the start. Fernão, who realises the marijuana market could make money, demands Vini gets rid of Biriba. Vini decides to speak directly to the deputy mayor to reach a deal. Salim is getting ever closer ...

Season 1 Episode 7 - Smoke Signals

3.0 8 x
Biriba is doing what he can to reopen the store after a fire. Vini confronts his father over the supposed accident. Salim and Laura’s relationship is in trouble. The tension between Biriba and Piolho has reached breaking point.

Season 1 Episode 8 - Still Life

3.0 6 x
Free of Piolho’s threats, Biriba gets a job at the cash desk of a convenience store. Under pressure from CD, Salim takes on a job – killing a traitor very close to him. Vini has a first meeting with Fernão and Evair, at which they try to persuade the farmer to grow marijuana for them. Laura finds evidence against Salim. Bi...

Season 1 Episode 9 - Rat Trap

3.0 13 x
Seeing that Mujica Haze is still on the market, Biriba begins to suspect that the fire at the store was no accident and starts to investigate who was behind it. Salim cannot carry out his boss’s orders and Laura leaves him. He is now a sitting duck. Vini is unhappy with his new business. CD goes to Biriba’s house to help K...