Jonathan Creek


1. Dense Macabre

Expired 250 x
An author is shot dead in her daughter's home. The killer has vanished, and Maddy must solve the crime on her own.

6. House Of Monkeys

Expired 84 x
Elliot Strange is found murdered in a locked room. As there was no way of the killer leaving without being seen, where did they go?

5. No Trace of Tracy

Expired 57 x
Roy Pilgrim, a '60s rocker, comes home and is knocked out. When Roy's fan Tracy arrives at his house she disappears without a trace.

4. The Reconstituted Corpse

Expired 33 x
Zola's plastic surgeon is found dead. She claims she's not involved. Seemingly a suspect, things take a turn when Zola is murdered.

3. Jack In The Box

Expired 60 x
Jack Holiday is found dead. It looks like suicide, but with Jack's arthritis it seems impossible he shot himself. Would it be murder?

2. The Wrestler's Tomb - Part 2

Expired 133 x
Jonathan Creek and Maddy Magellan become drawn into a puzzle to solve Hedley Shale's murder when the wrong man is arrested.
Episodes 2017

Season 5, Episode 3

161 x
A wealthy kidnap victim appears to pull off a mind-boggling act of teleportation to alert the police to her whereabouts.

Season 5, Episode 2

69 x
A retired local psychic inadvertently makes the most amazing and impossible prediction of his career

Season 5, Episode 1

118 x
When a classic locked room novel is turned into a West End musical, one of its stars falls victim to a real-life 'impossible crime'.

Wed 2 Aug, Special part 4

51 x
Jonathan Creek returns to explain a series of baffling disappearances in a 'haunted' room at the house of a master illusionist.

Wed 26 Jul, Special part 3

53 x
A retired female illusionist dies in mysterious circumstances. Maddy and Jonathan are called upon to investigate.

Wed 19 Jul, special part 2

34 x
When a young woman becomes seemingly possessed by the spirit of a Victorian sorceress, illusionist Jonathan Creek and intrepid investigator Joey Ross must fight to prove she is innocent of murder.

Wed 12 Jul, special

47 x
Joey Ross draws Jonathan into a complex case involving a secret society, seemingly supernatural events at a girls' boarding school, and the miraculous disappearance of a body.

Jonathan Creek: Daemons' Roost

182 x
Five years after leaving the windmill, Alan Davies is back as the amateur sleuth in Jonathan Creek: Daemons' Roost. Ready to leave the world of crime-solving behind, this may be Creek's most mysterious case yet.
Episodes 2016

Season 5, Episode 3 (The Curse Of The Bronze Lamp)

194 x
In The Curse of the Bronze Lamp, the first signs of conjugal friction begin to appear for the Creeks, when a glamorous woman from the past re-appears.

Season 5, Episode 2 (The Sinner & The Sandman)

258 x
As Jonathan and Polly struggle to settle into rural life, they find their apparently serene country village is riddled with all manner of strange and disturbing undercurrents.

Season 5, Episode 1 (The Letters Of Septimus Noone)

168 x
When a glamorous West End star is found stabbed inside a locked dressing room, her colleagues remain baffled. Attention turns to Jonathan Creek for a solution to the grisly puzzle.

Wed 22 Jun, season 4 episode 5

101 x
Detective Inspector Adrian Fell, a sharp-witted and highly respected police officer, appears to be the ideal subject for an Eyes and Ears profile.

Wed 15 Jun, season 4 episode 4

59 x
When 'ghost hunter' Justin Mallory is killed in a boating accident and his body mysteriously disappears, is it true that his spirit now desperately tries to communicate with his love?

Wed 8 Jun, season 4 episode 3

115 x
Jonathan is hired to shed light on the mystery of how a man can physically transform himself into another person, in front of a witness' eyes.