Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday

December 2017

Life Ep. 35

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How do you react when something feels too difficult for you? Today, Joyce shares how to decrease your frustrations and increase your trust in God.

Life Ep. 36

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What are you really made of? Learn how your life experience can help you answer the question and lead you to make spiritual progress in areas you care the most about.

Life Ep. 29

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Spiritual growth takes time! Learn how to avoid guilty feelings and unhealthy comparisons, and enjoy where you are on the way to where you're going.

Life Ep. 30

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We are all called to share the Gospel. Today Joyce encourages us to find out how we can all personally share Christ with those around us.
November 2017

Life Ep. 12

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You have the fruit of self-control! Join Joyce in Ephesians 5 to learn how God equips us to make right choices, which increases our ability to glorify Him.

Life Ep. 17

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What is a perfect heart? Joyce teaches why the spiritual condition of your heart is just as important as the physical condition.