Kevin Can Wait


Episode 14 (Kevin Can Date)

4.0 54 x
Vanessa encourages Kevin to ask out a client who shows interest in him.

Episode 2 (Business Unusual)

4.0 21 x
Kendra tricks Kevin into taking a job at Vanessa's new private security company.
Episodes 2017

Episode 23 (Sting Of Queens (Part 1))

3.0 49 x
Kevin comes out of retirement to reprise his undercover assignment, with fellow cop Vanessa Cellucci, in an ongoing police investigation; Donna is up for a promotion, Kendra gets accepted into law school; Chale gets a lucrative new job.

Episode 22 (Quiet Diet)

3.0 27 x
Donna promises Kevin that she'll send him to the Mets Fantasy Camp if he lowers his cholesterol; Chale shows Kevin how to do a juice cleanse.

Episode 20 (Double Date)

4.5 41 x
When Goody and Didi invite the Motts on a weekend getaway, Kevin and Donna are offended that they weren't asked to go, causing them to go online to find new couples to hang out with.

Ep 15 Choke Doubt

4.0 55 x
Sibling rivalry erupts when Kevin brags about saving a man from chocking after hearing how much attention his brother, Kyle, is receiving for saving a cat.

Ep 14 Kevin vs. The Dutch Elm

4.0 31 x
As Kevin tries to charm his neighbour into giving him permission to cut down one of her trees, he becomes intimidated by her imposing son, Rutger and invites them over for a non-existent party.

Ep 12 Ring Worm

4.0 41 x
Although Kevin is determined to spend more time with his family, his resolve is tested when his buddies surprise him with tickets to a Billy Joel concert.

Ep 10 The Fantastic Pho

3.0 17 x
Kevin persuades his buddies to invest in his new food truck business, but his chef quits, leaving Kevin in a pickle.

Ep 11 Kevin's Bringing Supper Back

4.0 33 x
Kevin's resolve to spend more quality time with his family is put to the ultimate test when his buddies surprise him with concert tickets to his favorite musician.