Kevin Can Wait

January 2017

Ep 15 Choke Doubt

4.0 29 x
Sibling rivalry erupts when Kevin brags about saving a man from chocking after hearing how much attention his brother, Kyle, is receiving for saving a cat.

Ep 14 Kevin vs. The Dutch Elm

4.0 22 x
As Kevin tries to charm his neighbour into giving him permission to cut down one of her trees, he becomes intimidated by her imposing son, Rutger and invites them over for a non-existent party.

Ep 12 Ring Worm

4.0 22 x
Although Kevin is determined to spend more time with his family, his resolve is tested when his buddies surprise him with tickets to a Billy Joel concert.

Ep 10 The Fantastic Pho

3.0 9 x
Kevin persuades his buddies to invest in his new food truck business, but his chef quits, leaving Kevin in a pickle.

Ep 11 Kevin's Bringing Supper Back

4.0 14 x
Kevin's resolve to spend more quality time with his family is put to the ultimate test when his buddies surprise him with concert tickets to his favorite musician.
December 2016

Ep 6 Beat The Parents

3.0 21 x
When Kevin and Donna meet the arrogant and pushy parents of Jack's new friend from school, they set out to sabotage the boys' friendship.

Ep 7 Hallow-We-Ain't-Home

4.0 20 x
On Halloween, Kevin and Donna pretend not to be home to avoid giving out candy; Chale has a problem with a man dressed as a Viking.

Ep 13 I'll Be Home For Christmas... Maybe

3.0 15 x
Kevin leaves Donna on her own when he goes to help Mott and his seven kids prepare for the holidays while Mott's wife is away.

Ep 5 Kevin's Good Story

3.0 22 x
Kevin gets caught borrowing one of Goody's old stories to excuse his forgetting his and Donna's wedding anniversary.

Ep 3 Chore Weasel

3.0 17 x
Kevin uses an online app to hire people to do his household chores, so he can play football with his buddies, then takes all of the credit with Donna.