Killer Couples

September 2019

Episode 8 (Jones/Burno)

4.0 10 x
Features couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through recreations and gripping firsthand accounts, each episode takes a deep dive into the stories behind the couples' romance, how their relationship evolved once love turned into manipulation and what ultimately drove them to commit the crime.

Episode 7 (Sanchez/ Speaks)

3.0 26 x
A couple kills a former Bourbon Street dancer.

Episode 6 (Linville/Moreno)

3.0 9 x
Paige Linville and Mario Moreno's desire for new thrills take them to deadly heights - more than once.

Episode 2 (Dufoe/Oaks)

4.0 40 x
A couple inflicts their own brand of vigilante justice on an enemy from the past.