Killer On The Line

Killer On The Line catch up

June 2019

Episode 8 (Darlene Gentry)

3.0 82 x
The story of a woman with money problems who decides her husband is worth more dead than alive.

Episode 7 (Julie Dixon)

3.0 75 x
In 2011 Julie Dixon murdered her fiance David Twigg by locking him in a cupboard and starting a fire, but told police it was part of a suicide pact.
May 2019

Episode 6 (Darren Byrne)

4.0 106 x
The Byrne family from leafy Theydon Bois, Essex appeared to have the perfect life, but the discovery of a secret affair, a long standing deceit and a house fire would end in the tragic loss of life and the hunt for a killer.

Episode 5 (Robert Trigg)

4.0 75 x
The unexpected death of Caroline Devlin on the 26th March 2006 was met with an outpouring of grief from her four children and her boyfriend Robert Trigg. The post mortem whilst inconclusive suspected the cause of death as a brain aneurysm.

Episode 4 (Foster Christian)

4.0 50 x
On the 29th March, 2016 an emergency call led police to discover a horrific, blood soaked murder scene with two victims stabbed to death at a shared house in Canterbury.
April 2019

Episode 3 (Brian Cox)

4.0 73 x
In Acomb, York, police received a concerned emergency call reporting the erratic behaviour of Mark Webb threatening to self harm. When a lone police officer arrived to check the disturbance, Mark Webb was found dead with his throat cut.

Episode 2 (Christopher Strettle)

3.0 105 x
On October 13th 2011, Christopher Strettle called emergency services to report being confronted by his childhood friend Christopher Honnor who had come at him armed with a gun.

Episode 1 (Dominic Isom)

4.3 171 x
Dominic Isom's emergency call to report his fiance Samantha Henderson missing prompted a police manhunt throughout Dorset's picturesque Corfe Castle.