King Johan: The Last King Of Norway

King Johan: The Last King Of Norway catch up

September 2022


4.5 43 x
The royal family's popularity is down to historically low levels. King Johan, Queen Isabella and their staff must quickly find a way to win back the people's trust.


3.0 13 x
The royal couple gets a deeper insight into how the people perceive their personalities and Johan decides to try to make himself a little more popular.


3.0 9 x
Crown Prince Henrik returns home from Germany with a surprise. Johan and the staff are delighted and would like to take advantage of the great news, but Isabella is skeptical.


4.0 8 x
Johan and Isabella want to open the castle and host a party for ordinary people. But Johan is not amused when the charming prime minister unexpectedly appears.


4.0 12 x
King Johan wants to win the hearts of the people through chocolate, while Isabella tries to become a more modern queen; the relationship between Ellinor and Katja takes a new turn.


4.0 1 x
Isabella's sister shows up unexpectedly; Johan receives bad news that ruins his favourite day of the year.


3.0 17 x
The Royal House finds out that the Prime Minister is making plans that could bring down the entire monarchy. Johan counters by announcing a major event, but it all ends in chaos. Ellinor has problems with her relationship with Katja.


4.0 15 x
Johan is upset with his whole family, but finally makes a deal with the press that could have consequences for the entire monarchy.