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More left-field exploration of the little things in life, including Troy Kinne's Regretful Bets, Max Price's Life Choices and the Impromptu Lifeguard's vigorous patrolling of the local swimming pool.

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Season 1
Bear Grylls continues to battle modern life in Man vs Metro. The Procrastination Squad faces a serious situation. And Troy Kinne pulls off the Perfect Park.
Will Troy Kinne survive a day living inside Facebook? Why are there so many Lies We Just Accept? And can a guy be too confident when Meeting the Parents of his girlfriend for the first time?
Troy Kinne and friends explore Dating Deal Breakers, combat Aliens in Australia, and ponder if the mobile phone Booty Call would have altered significant moments in history.
We meet the Secret Richman, test the theory you can get in anywhere if you're carrying a ladder, and Troy Kinne plays Guess Who with comedian Ronny Chieng.
Troy Kinne's fast-paced sketch series introduces characters such as the Impromptu Lifeguard and the Actual Bachelor, also exploring Things Said by Couples, Street Vague booking and Regretful Bets.