Klondike Gold Fever

April 2017

Mon 3 Apr, season 3 episode 2

4.3 182 x
Cam gambles on an expensive new water cannon. A broken part on his sluice plant slows Karl's progress. Ken and Guillaume's first gold test is a dud.
March 2017

Mon 27 Mar, season 3 episode 1

2.5 129 x
Ken and Guillaume journey over a treacherous mountain pass. Cam stresses over getting Oklahoma welder Gary into the country. Mining couple Nika and Chris have a rough start to their season.

Mon 20 Mar, season 2 episode 10

4.0 70 x
The miners battle nature's wrath in an epic final push for gold.

Mon 20 Mar, season 2 episode 9

4.5 56 x
The short Yukon gold mining season is almost over, and crews are battling the elements in a mad push for gold.

Mon 13 Mar, season 2 episode 8

4.7 55 x
Mon 13 Mar, season 2 episode 8 of Klondike Gold Fever was broadcast by Seven on Tuesday 14 March 2017 at 23:58.

Mon 13 Mar, season 2 episode 7

4.0 55 x
Disaster strikes as Ken rolls his only dozer, Karl's loader springs a leak, and beavers threaten to shut down Big Al.

Mon 6 Mar, season 2 episode 5

4.5 47 x
Halfway through the season, stakes are running high. Karl discovers permafrost on the cut late in the game, putting his reputation and his relationship with father Marty on the line.
February 2017

Mon 27 Feb, season 2 episode 4

4.0 38 x
Crews are facing life or death in the hunt for gold. Ken fights a double mutiny on Moose Creek when his moneymaker plant and experienced hand Riley both go rogue.

Mon 20 Feb, season 2 episode 3

4.0 57 x
It's still early in mining season, but miners are ripping through hard ground to bring in the gold. Ken's push to move enough dirt to pay his crew by end of month is sidelined.

Mon 13 Feb, season 2 episode 2

3.0 41 x
Ken sinks big money to dig out a narrow cut. Cams big payday is threatened by fire. Karls experienced but unreliable operator forces his hand.