Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons

March 2016

Ep 9 A House Divided

3.0 130 x
Kourtney starts fixing up Scott's parents' house, hoping that she can convince him to keep it.
February 2016

Ep 8 There's No Smoke Without Fire Island

3.0 74 x
When Scott is consumed by his negative associations with the Hamptons, he leaves early.

Ep 7 Riding Dirty

3.0 81 x
When Khloé rekindles her love for horseback riding, Scott and Kourtney make a secret wager on how long she will last and pull out all the stops to push their own agendas.

Ep 6 Kaptain Kourtney and Skipper Scott

3.0 96 x
Khloe and Scott do a podcast, but Scott's loose lips let out a promise that can't be broken. Kourtney believes she's a professional sailor.
January 2016

Season 1 Episode 4

Expired 3.0 142 x
Scott decides to go to rehab, but is quick to change his mind. Khloe has to accept that her life is gone the opposite of how she planned it.

Season 1 Episode 3

Expired 3.0 164 x
When Kourtney learns that Kim is using her home for North's birthday party without her permission, she flies to LA to confront her.

Season 1 Episode 2

Expired 3.0 71 x
After Kourtney admonishes Scott for breaking the boundaries they've set for their relationship, Scott makes attempts to clean up his act and get back in her good graces.

Season 1 Episode 1

Expired 3.0 143 x
Season 1 Episode 1 of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons was broadcast by GEM on Wednesday 6 January 2016 at 3:02.