L.A.'S Finest

January 2020

Season 1, Episode 13

3.0 27 x
Syd, Nancy and the team band together as they race against the clock to save one of their own, finally coming face-to-face with their greatest enemy.

Season 1, Episode 12

4.0 11 x
The DEA causes difficulties for the team, and Carlene must deal with the consequences when she makes a power play after being exposed by Syd and Nancy.

Season 1, Episode 11

3.0 31 x
After a stunning discovery, Syd and McKenna debate who they can trust moving forward while also investigating a death that took place at a scenic Los Angeles park.

Season 1, Episode 10

4.0 17 x
Syd and Nancy discover that an unknown player has been manipulating them all along, just as Nancy is faced with an impossible choice: her brother or her future.

Season 1, Episode 9

4.0 16 x
While still searching for the missing diamonds, the task force executes a major drug bust. With the threat of Knox looming, both Syd and McKenna must confront some of their deepest secrets yet.
December 2019

Season 1, Episode 8

4.0 24 x
The team find themselves trailing a group of thieves who managed to steal millions of dollars' worth of untraceable diamonds. Meanwhile, Nancy comes clean about her past and asks Patrick for help,

Season 1, Episode 7

4.0 7 x
The hunt for Gabriel Knox ramps up as Syd and Nancy let the Bens in on their search for the elusive Arlo. A conflicted Syd must deal with a family crisis upon learning of Joseph's other daughter.

Season 1, Episode 6

3.0 11 x
The Bens continue to investigate the killing of the transgender woman. Dante' enlists Nancy's help, whilst Syd figures out her scavenger hunt as Arlo plots against those she loves.

Season 1, Episode 5

3.0 18 x
The LAPD team works to solve the mystery behind the brutal death of a transgender woman, while Syd and McKenna are tangled up in their own complications.
November 2019

Season 1, Episode 4

3.0 13 x
Time is running out, and Syd and Nancy need to get Knox's fentanyl into police custody while leaving no trace of their own involvement. But can they pull it off?