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Backed by the younger generation, Flora and Aurore continue their crusade against their dance director, and write a manifesto to be signed.

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Season 2
Flora and Aurore are ready for revolution. They break the law of silence and tell Nadia Menour, the opera's director, about Diane's abusive techniques. Zoe, however, steers clear as she remains loyal to Diane.
Zoe is back at the opera, where she continues her physiotherapy sessions under Diane's supervision. The ballet mistress plans for her protégée's great comeback, but there's a problem.
Diane and her champions, along with dozens of candidates from around the world, have come to Varna hoping to win a medal. The opera dancers are surprised to run into their ex-director, who trains a young dancer from his company.
In a physiotherapy centre, Zoe works hard on her comeback. Eager to return, she ignores the doctors' advice and pushes herself too hard. At the opera, Flora and the other candidates are struggling with the strenuous training.
The Varna selection is only a few days away. Flora's only goal is to be noticed by Diane. In the hospital, a distraught Zoe refuses to speak, and her doctor is very sceptical about the future of her professional career.
The race to Varna is on. Six candidates will be selected and trained by Diane to represent the Opera de Paris in Bulgaria. Zoe works at a crazy pace imposed by Diane, but unfortunately a serious injury sends her to the hospital.
A new season is beginning at the Opera. Zoe is the prima ballerina, Flora is part of the corps de ballet and the position of the dance director remains vacant. In addition, the company welcomes ballet mistress Diane Taillandier.