Labyrinth Of Peace

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October 2021
The Tobler family's villa is excited for their daughter Klara's wedding, but the bride herself is fed up with sitting at home; Egon returns from military service at the border; Johann presents his vision of producing synthetic fibres.
The young residents of the refugee home urge Klara to teach them, and she applies for permission to do so. However, warden Obrecht is against it, as there is no money for teaching materials; Johann and Carl meet with Kägi.
Johann and Carl pick up the German engineer Schneider and his family at the border crossing; Klara shows Herschel the lake near the home, and she realises how much Herschel is haunted by the experiences of the past.
Egon informs Rosenberg about his findings, but withholds that his brother's name was also mentioned; Elsie and Klara wonder why representatives of the Jewish homes are suddenly interested in contacting their boys.
Klara's superior announces that the home will be closed down; Johann confronts Carl and discovers that the money Carl has invested actually came from Scholz, which makes Johann an accessory to their crime.
Jenkele disappears; Klara breaks down and makes a shocking discovery about herself; Johann makes a decision that changes his life forever.