Life After People


Season 1 episode 10

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Destructive waters overtake the world in this episode, including the flooding of New Orleans. And, the fall of Seattle's Space Needle and Dubai's structures.

Season 1 episode 9

Expired 3.7 82 x
This episode features the effects of harsh winters in Motor City, how the Alamo will be taken over by new invaders and dogs rekindling their hunting instincts.

Season 1 episode 8

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Mankind's war machines are examined. An explosion of an underwater nuclear missile, the fall of Pearl Harbour, urban avalanches and events in Denver and Hawaii are examined.

Season 1 episode 7

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In Las Vegas, a new rat pack takes over while wax celebrities melt and iconic hotels crumble. In Atlantic City, the ocean wreaks havoc on the city's hotels, yet the boardwalk stands fast.

Season 1 episode 6

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We look at what will happen to archived and otherwise entombed treasures, such as the Mona Lisa painting and the Declaration of Independence.

Season 1 episode 5

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We examine the spread of plants and animals, including vines that attack structures everywhere, algae that choke lakes and rivers, pythons that used to be pets battling native alligators for domination of the Everglades.

Series 1 episode3

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We look at how the forces of nature will attack the landmarks and national treasures of Washington DC after we are gone.

Series 1 episode 2

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If we are suddenly gone, what will happen to our thousands of domesticated animals, our pets escaping into the wild, deadly viruses again spreading unchecked, invasive vines and undergrowth overwhelming our buildings?

Tue 8 Jul, series 1 episode 1

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Tue 8 Jul, series 1 episode 1 of Life After People was broadcast by 7TWO on Wednesday 9 July 2014 at 1:31.