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Season 1, episode 13

3.0 67 x
With the party in full swing, it's time to announce La Toya and Jeffré's engagement. But things do not go as planned.
Episodes 2015

Season 1, episode 12

3.0 67 x
La Toya and Jeffré plan an elegant cocktail party to make their big announcement. But once the celebration begins, it becomes clear that the happy couple is no longer on the same page about the wedding.

Season 1, episode 11

3.0 75 x
With marriage around the corner, it's time for the in-laws to finally meet. But since La Toya and Jeffré come from two different worlds, will opposites attract or will reality come crashing down?

Season 1, episode 10

4.0 88 x
When La Toya agrees to do her first video in 20 years, it brings up insecurities about her dancing. Jeffré suggests doing a live show to boost her confidence.

Season 1, episode 9

3.0 72 x
La Toya is finally ready to go ahead with the engagement, so after she finds the perfect wedding dress, Jeffré convinces her to take the next big step and move in together.

Season 1, episode 8

3.0 118 x
After shocking Jeffré with news of her cold feet, La Toya decides it's time to get back to work, hitting the studio to record a new single. But will Jeffré think her new plan is a hit?

Season 1, episode 7

3.0 70 x
La Toya and Jeffré finally reveal the news of their engagement to close friends Brenda and Tresa, but when a nervous La Toya refuses to try on a wedding dress, they begin to suspect she has cold feet.

Season 1, episode 6

3.0 87 x
No sooner have La Toya and Jeffré gotten engaged in Hawaii than it's time to jet off to NYC! The clock is ticking as La Toya must dive into rehearsals for her big Off-Broadway debut!

Season 1, episode 5

3.0 195 x
It's proposal day in paradise, so after a yacht cruise, Jeffré sends La Toya to the spa while he transforms their suite into a romantic wonderland. When she returns, it's on!