Catching up on Limetown?

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Season 1
Lia receives all the answers she’s been seeking.
An unknown survivor sends Lia a disturbing video file with a promise that she has all the answers.
Limetown survivor Deirdre Wells reveals what incited The Panic.
After an unexpected visit, Lia questions whether or not to continue the investigation.
Famed neuroscientist Max Finlayson divulges the purpose of the doomed research facility.
Lia finds herself in a secret bunker in order to interview the mysterious financier behind Limetown.
The second known survivor from Limetown reveals the saga of animal testing in the community.
Lia and Mark visit Rake, Wyoming in search of the next Limetown survivor, but they're not prepared for the horrors they find.
Lia embarks on the first interview in recorded history with a survivor from Limetown.