Little Big Shots

September 2017

11-year-old rollerblading world champion wows

4.0 3 x
Watch Little Big Shot Sofia skate like a swam with astounding precision.

Season 1 Episode 4

4.0 19 x
We meet hula dancers, a rollerblader, spelling champ, skateboarders, lawn bowls champion and a unicycling bagpiper.

How to milk a goat

4.0 6 x
7-year-old Little Big Shot Torino also explains the trick to getting flavoured goal milk.

Bella takes Shane's hosting job

4.0 9 x
This clever 4-year-old takes over as Little Big Shots host!

Season 1, Episode 3

4.0 28 x
Tonight we meet an archer, goat milker, knife thrower and assistant, a polyglot, Frisbee trickster and rock' n 'roll guitarist. Hosted by Shane Jacobson.

Season 1, Episode 2

3.0 52 x
Tonight we meet a pianist, whip cracker, boxer, human encyclopedia, pogo stick jumper and dancer.
August 2017

How Many Backflips Can This 6-Year-Old Do?

4.0 18 x
Can you watch incredible young gymnast Alexsa without getting dizzy?

Akshat's Amazing Dance Moves Leave Australia In Awe

4.0 15 x
After shooting to worldwide fame on The Ellen Show this little dancer wowed audiences down under.

5-Year-Old Shears Sheep With Razor Sharp Blades!

3.0 14 x
Charlie is a fearless, fair dinkum little Aussie farmer.

Pint-Sized Rock Princess Blows Aussies Away

4.0 5 x
7-year-old Eduarda from Brazil wins hearts with heavy metal.