Living With The Amish

July 2015

S1 Ep6

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In the final episode, the teenagers stay with some Amish rebels who are deciding whether or not to leave the Schwartzentruber church - the strictest and most secretive of all Amish groups. The boys camp out in the woods with some young Schwartzentruber men who are being shunned by their church for wanting to bring in a new piece of machinery for their sawmill. The girls stay with Becky, who was brought up Schwartzentruber, but has made the momentous decision to leave. As the time approaches for...

S1 Ep5

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Horses are essential to Amish life. In this episode the teenagers stay with two Amish families in Pennsylvania who still work their farms using horsepower. The teens visit a traditional Amish horse auction, and put in long, back-breaking hours helping with the harvest. The woman of the house, Becky, teaches Charlotte and Hannah about the advantages of staying pure until married, while Siana faces difficult questions about the lack of religion in her life, and learns something about the nature o...

S1 Ep4

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This week the British teenagers stay with the Burkholder family - members of a plain order called Horse and Buggy Mennonites. Back in the 1600s, the Amish split from the Mennonites to pursue a more austere way of life. Although the Mennonites modernised slightly, they share the Amish belief that a simple, Godly life is the key to contentment. As the boys work on the family-run melon farm, the girls are invited to party at a weekly scrapbook frolic. But the fun doesn't stop there, Saturday night...

S1 Ep3

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The British teenagers turn their hand to farming with some of the hardest working Amish around, and learn about New Order Amish courtship rules, where dating couples can't even hold hands before they're married. The boys stay with Lloyd and Edna, who run their dairy farm as a family operation with no hired help. The teens are not used to chores, but Amish children learn responsibility at a much younger age. With early mornings, hard work and close contact with animals, how do the teens, who bar...

S1 Ep2

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This episode is all about hard work, and another great Amish tradition: barn raising. But there's a gender divide, and one sex are set to enjoy it a lot more than the other. While the boys, Jordan, George and James, learn the joy of physical labour, the girls, Charlotte, Siana and Hannah, experience a woman's life, Amish-style. Since arriving in America 300 years ago, hard work has been central to the Amish way of life. Even the young must work, and Amish children leave education at 14 to contr...

S1 Ep1

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S1 Ep1 of Living With The Amish was broadcast by SBS ONE on Saturday 11 July 2015 at 16:55.
January 2014


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In this new six-part series, the notoriously private Amish community opens its doors to a group of British teenagers. Leaving their mobile phones, Facebook accounts and partying behind, the six teens head to Ohio and Pennsylvania to see what they can learn from six weeks of hard work and simple living. No Amish community has ever opened up in this way before, and the Amish families taking part in the series hope that it will reveal the advantages of a pure, uncluttered way of life. (From the UK...