Lloyd Of The Flies

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Season 1
Excitement turns to sadness when Lloyd discovers that his family's move to a whole new Biggo house means he'll never see Abacus again. Lloyd makes it his mission to find Abacus a new best friend!
Nutbum the tardigrade turns up making frantic efforts to get Lloyd to do something - but what? Convinced it is serious Lloyd does whatever he can to translate what Nutbum is saying, but communication is not as easy.
Lloyd thinks he's developed a very vocal conscience after accidentally swallowing dust mite, Alvi.
Lloyd feels surprisingly good after drinking some bin juice and so tries to promote it as a new health-giving elixir he names 'Blue Fly'. Things get out of hand as his increasingly exaggerated claims prove to be unfounded.
Mr Wiggley runs out of ideas for his 'Chrysalist'- a list of fun things to do before he becomes a butterfly. Lloyd is happy to help and join in the fun, but starts to suspect Mr Wiggley is once again putting off pupating.
While Abacus is on holiday Lloyd tries to hang out with PB and her friends, Dotty and Freckles, instead. But they are far less willing to do what he wants to do than Abacus is, and Lloyd has to adapt.
Lloyd and Berry get locked into a game of escalating dares, but when Berry dares Lloyd to land on Biggo's hand the stakes get higher than either of them are ready for.
After staying up all night playing Bluebottle Battle, Lloyd is unable to sleep when Molly and Polly's house-sitter, a cricket called Buddy, starts making music next door.
When Abacus is targeted by The Louse Hunter, a ruthless louse spider who loves the thrill of the hunt, Lloyd steps up to the challenge of protecting his best friend. On this occasion however, Abacus may not need his help.
Having written a book on the subject Gena agrees to train Lloyd in how to survive outdoors, but Lloyd is disappointed to discover that all the training is to take place indoors.
After his inattention causes a mid-flight collision with Polly, Lloyd must attend a 'flight awareness' course run by Molly. If he refuses he risks being grounded and therefore have to walk everywhere!
Gena has booked a private performance by Malcolm's favourite actor, Dolichovsky. Lloyd is entrusted with preparing the apple for the snail's arrival, but Dolichovsky proves to be far more demanding than expected.
There is an exciting new 'Ghost Coaster' inside the sofa, but Lloyd, PB and Abacus are too short to go on it. Lloyd refuses to allow his height to get in the way of fun and devises a way to make them appear tall enough.
When a baby crab spider parachutes into his life, Lloyd decides to raise her as a vegetarian and single-handedly change spider-fly relations forever!
Having had enough of chores, Lloyd moves into a small grape with his best friend Abacus, but can their friendship survive the trials of living together?
After Lloyd gets trapped under an upside down glass with Ricotta the wasp and Julie the spider, it's only a matter of time before hunger gets the better of all of them.
A sprained wing means a very long journey home for Lloyd but at least he has Abacus at his side to walk him through it.
A bird on the loose indoors sends everyone into hiding and Lloyd, separated from Abacus, finds it hard to just do nothing and wait it out.
As Lloyd's behaviour becomes increasingly odd, his family start to suspect that something may be wrong with his senses.
Lloyd's insistence that 'hotter' equals 'happier' is put to the test when Biggo puts a pizza on, causing a heatwave behind the oven.