Long Lost Family

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Season 3
We hear two lives shaped by unanswered letters. Wendy has never met her father and Helen is searching for her son who she was forced to give up for adoption more than thirty years ago.
Sue has been searching for the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption, for over forty years. Alan is desperate to understand why his birth mother gave him up for adoption.
Season 2
On this episode, two stories of women who have spent a lifetime searching for the truth.
We search on behalf of a woman who only discovered she was adopted at the age of eleven. And our most urgent search yet, a son's search for his father who he longs to have standing by his side when he marries in one week.
We search on behalf of a woman desperate to find her older sister - whom she has never met, and a daughter longing to be reunited with her father who she last saw when she was just five years old.
A grandfather who after 20 years of searching for his birth mother is running out of time; and a woman looking for the mother who disappeared when she was a toddler.
The story of a woman desperate for a second chance with the baby she gave up for adoption nearly fifty years ago, and a sister searching for her brother who mysteriously disappeared forty years ago.
Long Lost Family returns with two stories of babies given up for adoption by their mothers. A man who's spent over a decade searching for his mother; and a woman who's spent her entire life needing to make amends.
Season 1
Carole who 50 years ago met her father, brother and sister for the first and last time has been searching for them ever since. Samantha grew up in a white family and has not seen her Jamaican father since she was five.
The story of Wane from Blackpool, who is searching for the father he has not seen since he was a little boy. Also featured is Wendy, who has been trying to trace her younger sister Sarah.
Laura and Sarah are two women who were given up for adoption as babies and have been trying for years without success to trace their birth mothers, with Laura discovering in her quest that she also has a half sister.
Jeannie has been searching for her brother since he was adopted and taken to Australia more than 50 years ago. Kirsty tells how she gave up her son for adoption when she was 15 and has struggled with the decision ever since.
The story of a soldier, Wayne who discovered the truth about his birth father when he was 15 and has been searching for him ever since. Debbie trying to trace the son she gave up for adoption 26 years ago.
Jennifer from South Yorkshire, tells of her search for the twin sister from whom she was separated at birth, and Karen from Warwickshire discusses how she has spent 20 years trying to track down her father.
Season 8
An extraordinary double search within one family: a sister looking for her brother Keith to tell him the truth about their father, and a further search with Keith to find out more about the birth mother he never knew. (Final)
Two stories about a man and a woman, each looking for their birth mother. Our second story is on behalf of a man longing to find his birth mother after more than fifty years apart.
Two women looking for answers to questions that have haunted them for decades: a woman who made a discovery as a teenager that changed her life and a mother longing to find the son she felt she let down.
Two stories shaped by moments from British history: a family torn apart by the birth of a war time baby and a daughter given up against a backdrop of racism.
Two stories of new beginnings: a woman separated from her mother because of a tragic twist of fate; and our first transgender searcher, desperate to know if their birth mother will accept them.
Two of our youngest ever searchers, looking for their birth family. A man whose last contact with his father was when he was six and a woman whose life was transported from Bogota when she was given up for adoption.