Lost For Words

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Lost For Words

After seven intensive weeks of learning, only two weeks remain of this year's adult literacy and numeracy program. Throughout the final classes, teachers assist the students in their individual learning and push them closer to achieving their goals. The student's confidence cont...

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Season 2
They're halfway through the nine-week intensive adult literacy and numeracy program and the students are not only gaining new learning strategies for their toolboxes, but they're also navigating a whole new way of learning with guest teacher Eddie Woo and a fun navigation challenge at Sydney Park.
Host Jay Laga'aia brings together nine everyday Australians who are hoping to overcome their struggle to read, write and do basic sums, and ultimately change their lives forever. Their first lesson involves writing a little bit about themselves, but for many of them it's a daunting exercise as they haven't put pen to paper...
Season 1
The final two weeks of the program sees eight adult learners get reassessed and also attempt to achieve their personal goals. Makere reads a book to her kids and Lamine attempts his learner’s permit. The students work on building confidence for their graduation speeches by taking a Masterclass at NIDA run by famous Austral...
Whilst some of the adult learners have successfully conquered their fear of the classroom, not everyone has let go of the shame and embarrassment of their literacy gaps. Facing their greatest real-world challenge so far, they’ll need to navigate their way across Sydney to meet host Jay at a secret harbourside location.
Host Jay Laga’aia brings together eight everyday Australians that struggle to read and write in an emotional start to a nine-week intensive adult literacy program. Two expert adult literacy teachers lead the course, with a bespoke approach centred around tangible practical goals and real-life challenges. For these students...