Love For Sale With Rupert Everett

March 2016

S1 Ep1 - Why People Sell Sex

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Why People Sell Sex - In this brand new fascinating and provocative series, actor Rupert Everett meets the people who know the truth about prostitution – the sex workers and the clients that pay for them. Travelling around the UK, to France, the Netherlands and Israel, Rupert embarks on a provocative, enquiring and entertaining journey to try to understand two universal questions: why do people sell sex, and why do people pay for it? In each episode Rupert meets a variety of sex workers and cli...

S1 Ep2 - Why People Buy Sex

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Prostitutes are often seen as either immoral individuals or exploited victims, but in this authored two-part special, Rupert Everett gets behind the stereotypes and hears the unvarnished truth from both sex workers and their clients. (From the UK) (Documentary) MA (S, A)