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August 2018

Luke Nguyen's Memories Of The Mekong S1 Ep2

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In part two of Memories of the Mekong, Luke ventures deeper into the region exploring the culinary wonders and ancient cultures of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. He reminisces about his food safari through Laos during 'Pi Mai', otherwise known as Laos New Year. Crossing the border into Cambodia, and in an emotional finale, Lu...

Luke Nguyen's Memories Of The Mekong S1 Ep1

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This two-part series features celebrated chef Luke Nguyen as he recalls the most memorable moments and the best culinary discoveries from his journey through the Greater Mekong. Luke hosts the specials from the Western Sydney suburb of Cabramatta. In part 1, Luke revisits the people he met and the culinary delights he exp...
July 2018

S2 Ep10

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In the final episode, Luke meets up with his parents on a houseboat in Cai Be, where they cook and talk about what it was like to travel to Australia as refugees. Luke then visits some local cottage industries to learn the art of making 'pop rice' and refined Mekong salt. Travelling to his final destination, Ben Tre, he ex...

S2 Ep9

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Luke visits the floating villages of Chau Doc and Cai Be to cook some intriguing local dishes. He starts his journey on the Hue River where he cooks a caramelised basa fish dish atop a floating fish farm. Luke then heads onto land to see, first hand, how the famous Chau Doc roast pork is done. After checking out the dragon...

S2 Ep8

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Luke enjoys a weekend of food and sun in the seaside town of Kep before heading across the border to Chau Doc in Vietnam. Starting beachside, Luke cooks a tasty barbequed squid, pork and snake bean dish as local kids play in the nearby surf. He then heads out of Kep to some ancient caves to cook up a contemporary chicken d...

S2 Ep7

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Luke travels to the seaside towns of Kep and Kampot to experience their delectable seafood and world-famous pepper. There he teams up with a local fisherwoman at the early morning seafood market to sample some of the freshest squid in Southeast Asia. They cook the squid using a home-style recipe aboard a traditional Khmer ...

S2 Ep6

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Luke travels to Cambodia's capital city, Phnom Penh, where he finds some unusual treats to eat, including a local delicacy, deep-fried tarantulas. In Phnom Penh's bustling marketplace, Luke cooks a street food classic with the help of one of Cambodia's most respected chefs. He then heads to the outskirts of the city, where...

S2 Ep5

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Luke crosses the Mekong River into Cambodia and the ancient city of Siem Reap. There he explores the revered temples of Angkor Wat and meets local chefs to learn traditional Khmer dishes that were all but forgotten during Pol Pot's reign. Luke then hits the local market to buy ingredients for the famous Siem Reap sausage, ...

Luke Nguyen's Memories Of The UK

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Luke Nguyen’s favourite moments and recipes from his cultural and culinary journey across the United Kingdom.

S2 Ep4

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Luke heads to Laos' southern tip to the 4000 Islands, where fishing takes on a whole new meaning. On the Island of Don Khon, Luke learns the art of making the acquired fermented fish staple dish, padhek. He cooks for some hungry fishermen at the Pa Soi rapids, and harvests red ants for a traditional red ant salad dish. Luk...