Luke Nguyen's ...

August 2019

S1 Ep10 - Loire Valley And Saint Malo

3.0 0 x
Luke experiences life and food on the Loire River before finishing his culinary journey through France in the seaside town of St Malo. Luke traps an eel with local fisherman Bruno before cooking up one of his signature dishes on Bruno?s handmade houseboat. He spends his last night in the Loire cooking a rustic roast duck d...

S1 Ep9 - Ile D'oleron

3.0 0 x
Luke continues his journey around the oyster island of D?Oleron before exploring the food traditions of the Loire Valley. He can?t stop talking about the infamous ?hot oyster? with local restaurateur James. He is reminded of his childhood through his forages for clams with local fishermen Patrick and John. A break-wall is ...

S1 Ep10 - Manchester And London

3.0 0 x
After exploring Manchester Luke completes his journey around the United Kingdom by returning to London but first visits Manchester?s iconic Mr Thomas?s Chop House to try their famous Corned Beef Hash. On his return to London Luke reflects on his travels and what he?s discovered before catching up to his friend Brett Graham...

S1 Ep9 - Northumberland And Manchester

3.0 0 x
Luke checks out Northumberland then travels south-west to the architectural delight of Manchester. Luke discovers a chef?s paradise at Vallum Farm where he meets up with his friend David Kennedy and cooks a mouth-watering pork belly, then visits the lengthy 116 kilometre Hadrian?s Wall where he cooks a meal fit for a Roman...

S1 Ep8 - Edinburgh

3.0 0 x
Luke travels to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh to uncover traditional Scottish cuisine and checks out the historic landmarks, Scots Monument and Edinburgh Castle. To conclude his Scottish adventure Luke indulges in the finer side of Scottish cuisine as he is treated to a whiskey tasting in the famous 5 star Balmoral Hotel...

S1 Ep7 - Isle Of Bute

3.0 0 x
Luke travels North to the delightful Isle of Bute off the West Coast of Scotland. Between the waters of Bute and the main land, Luke chases succulent langoustines with local fishermen, meets seaweed harvester, Iain McKellar, who has made the most of the island?s natural resources and Luke cooks up beef and a fresh seaweed ...

S1 Ep6 - Cumbria

3.0 0 x
Luke travels through the breathtaking and spectacular Lake District in Cumbria. Atop the tranquil hills in the picturesque Lake District, Luke cooks delicious local ?Herdwick Hogget? sheep, meets Annette Gibbons who?s passion for Cumbrian food earned her an OBE; Annette cooks some tantalising recipes using local ingredient...
July 2019

S1 Ep5 - Wales

3.0 0 x
Luke travels to Wales and investigates the traditional and influences changing Welsh cuisine. Starting his visit in Cardiff Luke meets an artisan bread maker who delivers fresh bread to homes on a bike then heads to the seaside town of Llantwit Major where he stumbles across the Hangfire Smokehouse BBQ pop up restaurant. L...

S1 Ep4 - Cornwall

3.0 0 x
Venturing out with local Newquay fisherman Phil, Luke helps catch spiny spider crabs and cooks up Asian-inspired crab cakes. Later on, Luke meets Cornwall?s 'best' pasty maker, before travelling to Exmoor and discovering what it takes to produce caviar that's fit for the Queen.

S1 Ep8 - Biarritz And Ile D'oleron

4.3 2 x
Luke explores France?s southwest, sampling Basque delicacies in Biarritz and oysters on the island of d'Oleron. He discovers the key ingredients in Basque cuisine such as espelette pepper and artisan jambon. Luke meets with pastry chef Didier, and under the watchful eyes of Didier?s dog and goldfish, Luke learns how to mak...