Season 2

Season 2, Episode 17 - For Want Of A Boot

4.0 15 x
Hawkeye must strike a long list of deals with just about everyone at the 4077th in order to extract a new set of boots from Zale.

Season 2, Episode 18 - Operation Noselift

3.0 10 x
Private Baker, who is always going AWOL, is desperate for plastic surgery on his nose. Hawkeye calls in a favour from a friend.

Season 2, Episode 19 - The Chosen People

4.0 9 x
A Korean family set up camp at the 4077th and the mother names Radar as the father of her baby.

Season 2, Episode 20 - As You Were

4.0 6 x
While there are no casualties, it's time to let off a bit of steam, so Hawkeye and Trapper crate up Frank while he sleeps.

Season 2, Episode 13 - Deal Me Out

3.0 7 x
Radar hits a local with a jeep, although the local is famous for jumping in front of vehicles.

Season 2, Episode 14 - Hot Lips And Empty Arms

3.0 8 x
Margaret revaluates her life, and decides to leave Frank and ask for a transfer.

Season 2, Episode 15 - Officers Only

4.0 6 x
Hawkeye and Trapper operate on General Mitchell's son, and the General gives them three days in Tokyo and an officers club for the camp.

Season 2, Episode 16 - Henry In Love

4.0 7 x
Henry returns from a week in Tokyo, to announce that he is in love with a 20-year old girl.

Season 2, Episode 9 - Dear Dad...Three

4.0 11 x
Hawkeye and Trapper colour the skin of a racist patient, who demanded the right colour blood.

Season 2, Episode 10 - The Sniper

4.0 12 x
A lone sniper has the 4077th pinned down - including Radar and Henry in the shower.