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Madam Secretary


Season 5, Episode 20

4.0 147 x
Blake grills the McCord children with surprising results, as Elizabeth prepares to announce her run for president. Meanwhile, terrorists attack the U.N. climate migration treaty delegation in Geneva.

Season 5, Episode 19

4.5 62 x
As Elizabeth prepares to declare her candidacy for president, she must deal with fallout from a news article alleging she had an affair with President Dalton during her CIA days.

Season 5, Episode 18

4.0 30 x
A NATO ally carries out an assassination attempt against one of its own citizens, who happens to be a friend of Elizabeth's. Also, Alison starts dating the son of one of Elizabeth's political rivals.

Season 5, Episode 17

3.0 28 x
A measles outbreak puts Daisy's child's life at risk and threatens to derail talks with the Australian Prime Minister who is dealing with a huge influx of climate migrants who have arrived Down Under.

Season 5, Episode 16

3.0 36 x
When a super typhoon threatens a small Pacific island, Elizabeth tries to relocate its population before the storm makes landfall. Henry gives a speech to an evangelical group about climate change.

Season 5, Episode 13

3.0 63 x
When innocent Syrian children are killed by an American-made cluster bomb, Elizabeth races to figure out what went wrong before Russia uses it to escalate its military presence in the region.

Season 5, Episode 12

3.0 35 x
Elizabeth must salvage a deal with a military contractor by supplying fighter jets to Taiwan, but she risks triggering a war with China in the process.

Season 5, Episode 11

4.0 62 x
Elizabeth continues her search for justice for unauthorized immigrant children from behind bars, while she and Henry plan to renew their wedding vows.
Episodes 2018

Season 5, Episode 9

2.7 110 x
Elizabeth and Jay work to keep an historic agreement between Serbia and Kosovo from falling apart after a mass grave is discovered in Serbia dating back to the Kosovo war.

Season 5, Episode 7

3.0 83 x
The Veep asks Elizabeth for help when a surrogate carrying her future grandchild is arrested in Laos. Also, Henry tries to protect Stevie when he suspects that she's being followed by a Russian agent