Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca

January 2018

S1 Ep4

3.0 0 x
In episode four, Silvia Colloca ventures to the seaside village of Vasto where she wrestles an octopus in exchange for a delectable seafood salad recipe called polipo con patate (octopus and potato salad). She then pops into Sulmona Markerts, Abruzzo, to purchase the freshest peaches for her spectacular summer dessert pesche al vino con mascarpone (wine-drenched peaches with mascarpone cream). Continuing on to her mother’s birthplace, Torricella in Abruzzo, Sivlia reconnects with life at its si...

S1 Ep3

1.5 0 x
Silvia journeys to Ascoli Piceno and immerses herself in Italian cafe culture. Inspired by the experience, she returns to her family home in Torricella to make the perfect coffee dunking cookie - tozzetti (almond and lemon biscuits). Back on the road travelling along the Adriatic Coastline Silvia visits the bustling seaside town, San Benedetto del Tronto, and turns some of Italy’s finest seafood into unforgettable finger food. Heading back through Central Italy’s interior a wrong turn results i...

S1 Ep2

Expired 3.5 2 x
In the second episode, Silvia Colloca continues to explore the culinary traditions of Central Italy. Her first stop is an old farmhouse that epitomises rural cuisine. It’s here Silvia explores the magic of country style cooking and gets a lesson in how to prepare coniglio in porchetta (stuffed rabbit). Silva’s travels then take her on to Abruzzo where she sources some of Italy’s finest extra virgin olive oil, and celebrates its versatility by turning it into torta all'olio e albicocche (apricot...
December 2017

S1 Ep1

Expired 3.5 0 x
Silvia Colloca, actress, opera singer and author of hit cookbook Silvia’s Cucina, serves up an Italy rarely seen by tourists during a culinary celebrazione. In this sumptuous and picturesque new series, Silvia takes a journey back to her homeland to introduce her family and present her love of healthy, hearty Italian fare. In the first episode, she travels through Central Italy on a culinary celebration of traditional Italian cuisine. She learns how to make zuppa di cozze (mussels in white wine...
July 2016

S1 Ep10

Expired 4.0 13 x
In the final episode, Silvia Colloca ventures to the seaside town of Termoli on the spectacular Adriatic coastline. Picking up some of the freshest seafood money can buy Silvia then witnesses it being turned into one of the most traditional dishes of Molise - polpi in purgatorio (spicy octopus stew). Travelling north to Abruzzo Silvia finds inspiration from the delicious meat cold cuts that the region is renowned for makes an Italian savoury pie no picnic can go without - pizza rustica (savoury...

S1 Ep9

Expired 3.0 21 x
This episode, Silvia Colloca journeys to the medieval village Roccascalenga, where she calls upon the expertise of some local cooks and learns how to make heavenly hand rolled cannelloni with slow braised meat. Then heading east, Silvia travels to Sulmona where she explores the farmer’s market and acquires fresh ingredients for one of her favourite vegetarian dishes - Peperoni imbottiti (stuffed capsicum). Travelling on to Torricella Silvia sweetens things up as she explores the secrets behind...

S1 Ep8

Expired 2.5 34 x
Silvia Colloca travels to Macerata in Le Marche where she receives lesson in an Italian peasant tradition – Vincisgrassi (lasagne, Marche style). Heading south to Castelbottaccio in Molise, Silvia and her mother embark on a quest to find a long lost recipe - pesche di Castelbottaccio (sponge cake peaches). Next up is a nostalgic trip to Abruzzo, a land Silvia holds close to her heart where she reminisces on cherished childhood memories and visits one of her dearest childhood friends. Together t...
June 2016

S1 Ep7

Expired 3.0 25 x
This episode, Silvia Colloca visits her beloved neighbour in Torricella who shares her take on the most heavenly flatbread, pizza scima (white wine unleavened bread). Silvia then journeys to Sulmona to take advantage of the fabulously fresh produce at the local farmers markets, then returning to her family home in Torricella she gives her father a cooking lesson culminating in a glorious zucchini gratin. The next stop is Silvia’s mother’s birthplace in Abruzzo, where, with the help of the vill...

S1 Ep6

Expired 3.0 14 x
In episode six, Silvia Colloca visits San Vito Chietino on the picturesque Adriatic coast, and with the help of her cousin, and ingredients fresh from the sea she learns how to make tacconcelli al ragú di pesce (pasta squares with fish ragout). Silvia then traverses through glorious green fields of spelt and finds inspiration for the most remarkable ciabatta. And then in Abruzzo, Silva collects eggs from the freshest and most sustainable source possible, the local hens, and makes her son’s favo...

S1 Ep5

Expired 3.0 25 x
This episode, Silvia Colloca takes in the fresh sea air of San Benedetto del Tronto and discovers the secrets behind fritto misto, an Italian seaside speciality. She travels to Ascoli Piceno to witness the creation of some of the country’s finest ricotta. Inspired by her experience she heads home to Torricella and transforms luscious curds of ricotta into a sensational ricotta, chocoalte and cherry tart. Silvia then calls on the local wine of Abruzzo to make magnificent savoury Italian waffles....