Made In Jersey

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Made In Jersey

Teamed with Stark and Rowan’s Nolan Adams, Martina takes on a custody battle for a surrogate mother who is having a baby for her sister, who’s been left in a coma by a tragic, and suspicious, accident

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Season 1
Martina sets out to prove that a woman Donovan persuaded to plead insanity in a murder case years ago is actually innocent and deserving of a new trial.
A legal drama that centers on a working-class woman who uses her street smarts to compete with her more polished colleagues at a top New York law firm.
After her offhand remark sparks an assault on a chemical company’s CEO, Martina looks to use the assailant’s criminal trial to expose the company’s role in polluting a town’s water supply.
Martina is enlisted to help a distraught family to recover their daughter from a cult whose leader is draining their daughter’s trust fund.
Martina is enlisted to defend a nightclub owner accused of murdering his longtime business partner.
As she and Riley represent the husband of a woman who was shot during a jewelry store robbery, Martina finds evidence that the killing may not have been an accident.
While representing a high school football star whose promising career was cut short by a coach’s negligence, Martina discovers that her client has been hiding the truth about his injuries.