Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation

February 2015

S1 Ep9 - Pakistanis

Expired 3.0 187 x
Pakistanis - The Pakistanis are well established in British Culture and in this episode, Madhur Jaffrey explores two favourite dishes - spiced meats, and what is considered a true Biryani. (From the UK) (Food Series) G CC

S1 Ep8 - Punjabis Of Scotland

Expired 3.0 107 x
Punjabis Of Scotland - Madhur road-trip takes her to Scotland, where she discovers haggis curry in Glasgow and visits a community cafe selling home-cooked Punjabi recipes in Edinburgh. (From the UK) (Food Series) G CC
January 2015

S1 Ep7 - Southall Punjabis

Expired 3.0 69 x
Southall Punjabis - Madhur Jaffrey explores Britain's best known South Asian community, the Punjabi area of Southall in North West London. She also samples delicious Sikh home-cooked favourites. (From the UK) (Food Series) G CC

S1 Ep6 - Nepalese Sunday Lunch

Expired 3.0 53 x
Nepalese Sunday Lunch - The Nepalese community in Aldershot is Britain’s newest South Asian community. This episode, Madhur Jaffrey explores their cooking with Pemba Lama, one of the Gurkha regiment’s Master Chefs. (From the UK) (Food) G CC

S1 Ep5

Expired 3.0 44 x
Bangladeshi - Bangladeshis traditionally ran most British high street curry houses. In this episode, Madhur learns what Bangladeshis really eat at home and discovers very different dishes to the ones so often served with a pint in a pub. (From the UK) (Food Series) G CC

S1 Ep4 - Gujaratis Of Leicester

Expired 3.0 81 x
In tonight's final episode, Madhur explores the culinary history of the Guajaratis in the UK, uncovering the African influence in their exotic and spicy food, and also finding classic Hindu recipes that are cooked here. She cooks Kenyan/Indian dishes with Gujarati Rasoi at Borough Market and talks to callers on an Indian r...
December 2014

S1 Ep1

Expired 3.5 124 x
Kicking-off her road trip through the Great British Curry Nation, Madhur Jaffrey discovers how Indian food has been both standardised and absorbed into UK pub culture, but also given exciting new flavours and approaches. (From UK, in English) (Food Series) G CC
May 2014

S1 Ep10 - Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation The New Generation

3.0 136 x
The New Generation - In the final episode, Madhur Jaffrey takes us back to when she was a young woman living in London, and shares the traditional recipes she learned through letters her Mother sent her from India. Now she meets with a new generation of young British Indians, to see what they are cooking today. (Final) (Fr...