Mafia Only Kills In Summer

Full episodes

Season 1 Ep 10

4.0 4 x
The political elections make an impact on the daily lives of the citizens of Palermo. While his relationship with Pia becomes more tense due to jealousy and his suspicion that she is being unfaithful, for the first time Lorenzo accepts the idea of p...

Season 1 Ep 11

3.0 5 x
The Giammarresi family finally take up residence in their eagerly awaited new home, but Lorenzo has to bear the heavy weight of his conscience because the house is a constant reminder of the compromise he had to reach. Salvatore has to deal with Seb...

Season 1 Ep 12

4.0 4 x
Palermo and the Giammarresi family are coming to terms with the tragic death of Boris Giuliano. Lorenzo, on the other hand, must deal with Salvatore's terrible secret; he saw something linked to the murder and wants to testify on behalf of his frien...

Season 1 Ep 5

4.0 2 x
Salvatore keeps a secret diary where he records all his worries and doubts, but he mostly ends up writing about Palermo and the Mafia. Lorenzo and Pia find out and are concerned, so they decide to take him to see a psychoanalyst. But Lorenzo, too, h...

Season 1 Ep 6

3.0 7 x
After her break-up with Rosario, Angela thinks she's finally found the love of her life. His name is Alfonso Puccio and he's the son of one of the biggest car dealers in Palermo. Her life seems finally to have taken a turn for the better, but Lorenz...
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