November 2018

Season 1, Episode 13 (Chas Moves In)

3.0 17 x
When Chas moves in he begins to suspect that Malcom isn't all he pretends to be.

Season 1, Episode 12 (Predictable)

3.0 30 x
Jake hears cash registers ringing when he discovers that Malcom can use his data analysis to predict the school exam questions.

Season 1, Episode 11 (Recipe For Life)

3.0 17 x
Jake cons Chas into believing he can transform him into the coolest guy on the planet, and it works!

Season 1, Episode 10 (Family Business)

3.0 7 x
When Daisy discovers the money she invested with Jake never made it to the stock exchange she engages in a little extortion of her own.

Season 1, Episode 9 (Hot)

4.0 14 x
As Chas and Troy go slice for slice in a chilli pizza-eating competition for Daisy's hand, Daisy fights to get the attention focused back on her.
July 2017

Season 1, Episode 8 (Holiday)

3.0 26 x
Jake and Daisy want to go on a holiday but can't agree on where. They decide that whoever wins The Kid's vote gets to choose the holiday of their dreams. Only Holly has ideas of her own...

Season 1, Episode 4 (Rat In The Ranks)

4.0 54 x
Daisy is determined to prove she saved the life of the science lab rat, even if it means she has to kill it...

Season 1, Episode 3 (Free Stuff)

3.0 29 x
When Jake learns that Malcom can get things for free just by mentioning them on TV he thinks he has hit the mother lode.

Season 1, Episode 2 (Secrets)

3.0 49 x
Holly discovers that Daisy has been mocking up raunchy celebrity scandal pictures of Malcom in order to get more attention from the press.

Season 1, Episode 1 (Party On)

3.0 39 x
Three homeless kids find themselves living the dream when they discover that Malcom Mann, the country's biggest TV star, is secretly a robot and they pretend to be his children. CAST: Geoff Paine, Luke Ledger, Ruby Hall