Man With A Plan


Season 3, Episode 6

4.0 1 x
Adam and Andi go to great lengths to secure a loan to fix an unexpected issue on their flip house. Also, Joe wants to find a way to get his nurse to stay with him longer than planned.

Season 3, Episode 5

4.0 2 x
Adam catches Kate sneaking back into the house at night, and decides to fix the behavior with old-school parenting tactics. Also, Andi is dismayed when she can't find many baby pictures of Emme.

Season 3, Episode 4

4.0 3 x
The guys visit Lowell at his new bachelor pad and start using it as a hangout to play games and get away from their home lives, while Andi keeps pushing Adam to finally get her own desk at the office.

Season 3, Episode 3

4.0 2 x
When Adam sees a kid push Emme, he convinces Teddy to dish out some old-school justice to defend his younger sister. Also, Joe is persuaded to hire a nurse to help out after his upcoming knee surgery.

Season 3, Episode 2

4.0 3 x
Adam and Andi have a disagreement at the office and must prevent it from becoming a problem at home. Also, the kids try to extend Lowell's stay at their house after realizing he's an amazing cook.

Season 3, Episode 1

3.0 0 x
In the Season 3 premiere, Adam attempts to make the office feel more inviting since Andi will be joining him at work every day. Also, Lowell has been hiding a life-changing secret.
Episodes 2018

Season 2, Episode 21

4.0 6 x
After struggling to find work, Andi proposes an idea for her and Adam to go into business together. Also, Adam tackles a challenging renovation of Joe and Bev's kitchen.

Season 2, Episode 20

4.0 12 x
Adam and Andi set up Adam's boss on a date to boost her spirits in the hope that she'll then be in the mood to have Adam resume work on the mini-mall.

Season 2, Episode 19

4.0 8 x
When Adam and Don realize they need to bring in more business, they film a commercial advertising their company. Meanwhile, Andi works up the courage to ask her boss, Bob, for a raise.

Season 2, Episode 18

4.0 13 x
Adam is thrilled and honoured to help Joe buy a new car but is caught off guard when Joe becomes irritable and the negotiations go off track. Also, Andi discovers Emme has been hiding a pet snake.