Mark Of A Killer

Mark Of A Killer catch up

August 2020

Episode 5 (Momentos Of Murder)

2.0 42 x
When the Hillside Stranglers are caught police realize they still have another serial killer running rampant in Los Angeles; he tortures and toys with his model victims while keeping pieces of their jewelry as he snaps their last photo ever.

Episode 4 (Pattern Of Murder)

4.0 52 x
A killer hijacks the highways of Sacramento as several women are found strangled with their clothing cut into precise but odd patterns; a survivor leads police to a sports car driving deviant posing as a good samaritan.

Episode 3 (An Eye For Murder)

1.5 27 x
Dallas police discover three women murdered with their eyes surgically removed; police believe they have a deranged doctor on the loose until two rookie cops find themselves on the trail of a man with a talent for taxidermy.
July 2020

Episode 2 (The Last Call Killer)

4.0 14 x
In New Jersey four bodies are found dismembered, bagged, and thrown in roadside garbage cans; the "Last Call Killer" hunted his victims openly in piano bars but no one suspected he could be hiding in plain sight, working as a local nurse.

Episode 1 (Posed To Kill)

4.0 42 x
In 1990, a serial killer terrorises the University of Florida's campus, killing five students in under four days. The Gainesville Ripper leaves behind a crime scene where all the victims have been stabbed, but the females have been posed li