Martial Universe

January 2021

S1 Ep43

10 x
Lin Dong see Huan Huan before she turns into the Ice Master, but there is an ice barrier blocking the entrance. Lin Dong shatter the ice surrounding Huan Huan to save her.

S1 Ep44

7 x
Lang Tian exits the main hall to face the crowd of disciples and tells them the Teachers have appointed him as the Deacon Elder and blames everything mishap on Lin Dong.

S1 Ep45

6 x
Lin Diao is excited to hear that they will be going to the Demon Domain, his former home. A disciple tells Huan Huan that Yuan Gate attacked Dao Sect and her father has been injured, as well as Wu Dao.

S1 Ep46

8 x
Lin Diao sees his hometown and tries to get Xiao Yan to go with him.

S1 Ep47

16 x
Bo Xuan shows him research she’s done on the Yimo. While human’s power comes from their yuan pellet, the Yimo’s power comes from their fallen spirit.

S1 Ep48

7 x
Lin Dong finds Ling Shan passed out in the flowers and realises there is something wrong about them. Ling Shan wakes up and sees the flowers and tells him they are Illusion Demonic Flowers.

S1 Ep49

5 x
Lin Dong runs in to save the real Sky Marten King and he is able to get rid of the flowers that have entrapped him. The King immediately recognises him.

S1 Ep50

9 x
Lin Diao assures Lin Dong that he’ll continue to the guard the seal while Ling Shan wonders if they should wait for her sister.

S1 Ep51

17 x
Ling Shan runs into a hungry Sixth Prince Yimo, not realising who he is, and gives him some food and water.

S1 Ep52

12 x
Lin Dong and Qing Zhu find themselves in a snowy realm, realises that Lang Tian knows what they are planning.

S1 Ep53

6 x
Qing Zhu realises that the realm they are stuck in is the Cloud Wilderness Pond where a moment turns into an eternity. Lin Dong realises they need to leave soon. Qing Zhu tries to remember what she read about the place.

S1 Ep54

15 x
Qing Zhu desperately tries to get the Palace Master to send people to help Dao Sect. Qing Zhi arrives then and points out that the Talisman Envoy’s job is to protect Lin Dong.

S1 Ep55

8 x
Qing Zhu, in the Water Curtain, gets the chant needed to help Lin Dong cultivate. Lin Dong sees the chant and realises this is her sect’s secret martial arts.

S1 Ep56

14 x
Su Su is guarding over Qing Zhi as he is in the spiritual domain. Hearing Lang Tian approach, she hides. Lang Tian agrees to whatever he wants and Qing Zhi asks him to stay and guard Flame City.

S1 Ep57

8 x
Qing Tan is feeling sorry for herself while Lin Diao and the Princesses fight Xiao Yan. Finally Qing Tan realises that she’ll need to use her powers against her friend.

S1 Ep58

8 x
In Flame City, the crew arrives at the temple in time to see Qing Zhi remove Lin Dong’s yuan pellet and offer it to the Yimo Emperor. Lin Dong realises that what he’s given the Emperor isn’t his pellet, but Illusion Demonic Flower pollen.
December 2020

S1 Ep19

17 x
Mu Qian Qian attempts to get into the tower, but is blocked. Her attacks on the guard get the attention of Qing Zhu and the Talisman Guild rushes over to check on it. They discover the tower guards have all been killed. Just then the Puppet Sect arrives, accusing them of killing the guards and trying to cheat. Master Yan t...

S1 Ep20

14 x
Huan Huan discovers Lin Dong is buried under rubble and struggles to dig him out, calling to him and reminding him of past promises. Master Yan, realising that Lin Dong is in the Devour Realm, yells out instructions to help him.

S1 Ep21

10 x
Lin Dong, Xiao Yan and Xuan Su lead the Guild disciples to meet with a petulant Teng Lei who plans to kill them all. Using his puppet powers to control his men and attacks the group.

S1 Ep22

22 x
Master Yan asks for the Ancestral Stone and ask Lin Dong if he was prepared to take on his responsibilities. At Dao Sect an earthquake occurs and the disciples worry that it’s because of the Yimo monster. Their leader informs them that it means it’s time for the other successors to take their place.