Masters Of Money


S1 Ep3 - Karl Marx And Marxian Economics

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Karl Marx and Marxian Economics - In the final episode, Stephanie Flanders examines one of the most revolutionary and controversial thinkers of all, Karl Marx. Marx's ideas left an indelible stamp on the lives of billions of people and the world today. He argued that capitalism is inherently unfair and therefore doomed to collapse, so it should be got rid of altogether. Today, as the gap between rich and poor continues to cause tension, his ideas are once again being taken seriously at the hear...

S1 Ep2 - Hayek And The Free Market

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Hayek and the Free Market - In the second episode, BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders turns her attention to the radical free-market economist Friedrich Hayek, who believed in the primacy of the market and that all attempts to regulate and control it were misguided and would end in failure. It’s a controversial message that few politicians have felt brave enough to rely on. But after the recent financial crash, the radical ideas of this Nobel Prize winning economist have been re-evaluated....

S1 Ep1 - John Maynard And Keynesianism

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John Maynard Keynes - BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders examines how three extraordinary thinkers, Keynes, Hayek and Marx, helped shape the 20th century. John Maynard Keynes was the first economist to become a global celebrity. He made his name during the worst economic crisis the world had seen, the Great Depression. His theory that only government spending could kick-start a depressed economy was controversial, but recently both the US and UK governments have pumped money into their stu...