Maya The Bee

May 2017

Season 1, Episode 59 (Harmony In The Meadow)

3.0 29 x
To repair the broken strings of Flip's violin, Maya, Willy and Flip seek help from Stridularius, the music instruments seller.

Season 1, Episode 58 (Queen For A Day)

3.0 21 x
While the Queen leaves the hive for a little holiday, Beeswax takes a young Queen to replace her. But she behaves like a diva! The hive is upside down, Maya and Willy have to do something.

Season 1, Episode 52 (Bless You Miss Cassandra)

4.0 80 x
Miss Cassandra has become allergic and can't work at the hive anymore. Maya will help her to find out why she's allergic and try to cure her.

Season 1, Episode 51 (Barry's Glasses)

4.0 17 x
Willy loses Barry's glasses in propolis, which solidifies into a ball! To free the glasses, Maya and Willy use a bird that breaks nuts. Meanwhile, Barry doesn't see anything but pretends he can manage by himself.

Season 1, Episode 50 (Molly The Miner)

3.0 30 x
Maya meets Molly, a mole-cricket who loses her memory... She doesn't know where her food is.

Season 1, Episode 49 (Edgar The Fearless)

3.0 9 x
Maya has to help a young bee to overcome his fears of going outside.

Season 1, Episode 48 (Night Of The Giant)

3.0 62 x
Maya and Willy help a stag beetle for its last fight... But Pat the cricket is determined to make him lose.

Season 1, Episode 47 (The Queen's Sceptre)

3.0 83 x
It's the Queen's jubilee and Maya has to decorate the Queen's sceptre. But it disappears in one of Kurt's balls while he is cleaning the meadow. How will Maya get it back?

Season 1, Episode 46 (Wings Of A Champion)

3.0 35 x
Maya and Willy meet Grandad Dragonfly. Very nostalgic, he tells them that he used to be a great race champion! This time he is too old. Maya decides to run instead of Grandad Dragonfly who will coach them.

Season 1, Episode 45 (Bee Day)

3.0 66 x
Maya discovers that some insects celebrate their birth or transformation day! She wants to know her birthday and organise herself and Willy a party.