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Ep3 - Behind Closed Doors 55:00

Ep3 - Behind Closed Doors

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Behind Closed Doors - In the final episode, Mary Beard delves even deeper into ordinary Roman life by going behind the closed doors of their homes. She meets an extraordinary cast of characters - drunken housewives, teenage brides, bullied children and runaway slaves - and reveals a dynam...
Ep2 - Streetlife 55:00

Ep2 - Streetlife

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Streetlife - Professor Mary Beard descends into the city streets of ancient Rome to discover the dirt, crime, sex and slum conditions in the world's first high-rise city. This Rome is not the marble Rome we know, but a vast, messy metropolis with little urban planning, where most Romans l...
Ep1 - All Roads Lead To Rome 55:09

Ep1 - All Roads Lead To Rome

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All Roads Lead to Rome - We still live in the shadow of ancient Rome - a city at the heart of a vast empire that stretched from Scotland to Afghanistan, dominating the West for over 700 years. In this three-part series, Professor Mary Beard puts aside the stories of emperors and armies to...
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