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S1 Ep10 25:07

S1 Ep10

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Mexico’s Last Frontier - In the final episode of Mexican Fiesta with Peter Kuruvita, Peter arrives in the state with the largest indigenous community, Chiapas. There are some startlingly exotic dishes to experience including fried iguana to boiled ants. The state is also home to some of t...
S1 Ep9 25:17

S1 Ep9

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Chilli and Chocolate - The Mayan civilisation has thrived on the Yucatan Peninsula for thousands of years but the food of this ancient culture is now overlaid with tastes from across the seas. Kibbeh is sold alongside Edam cheese, but the Mayan heritage is still strong and Peter discovers...
S1 Ep6 24:32

S1 Ep6

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That’s a Molé! - As Peter heads south of Mexico City he arrives in molé country. Molé means concoction, and in Mexico there are many types, but the most famous is the chilli chocolate version known as molé poblano. Peter will learn the incredible mix of ingredients that go into this compl...
S1 Ep8 25:30

S1 Ep8

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Culinary Capital - A whole episode of Mexican Fiesta with Peter Kuruvita is barely enough to cover Oaxaca, the culinary capital of Mexico. This charming colonial town seems to have a cooking school on every corner, and it’s here that Peter will learn the secrets of the famous 7 molés. Ch...
S1 Ep7 24:27

S1 Ep7

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Melting Pot - Mexico is one of the most successfully multicultural countries in the world, and in Veracruz it's particularly apparent. The food here is a mix of Spanish, Mexican and Afro-Caribbean and Peter will sample everything from spicy to sweet. The second most expensive crop in the ...
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