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S5 Ep13 - Mexican Classics 20:59

S5 Ep13 - Mexican Classics

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In the season finale, Marcela shares her favourite dishes from the Yucatan, done super easy, for the busy cook. To start, she makes cochinita pibil, delicious slow cooked pork marinated in an orange and achiote sauce. Next, simple panuchos, tortillas stuffed and cooked into a perfect ‘pla...
S5 Ep12 - All About Salsa 20:59

S5 Ep12 - All About Salsa

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Today, Marcela shows us just how versatile salsa, the quintessential Mexican condiment, really is as she prepares a delicious smoky salsa out of guajillo chiles as well as a fresh, bright mango habanero salsa. Marcela uses these two salsas to make other delicious dishes. The guajillo sals...
S5 Ep11 - Homestyle Mexico 20:59

S5 Ep11 - Homestyle Mexico

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Today, Marcela invites us into her kitchen to share all of the dishes she grew up with. She first makes arroz rojo, a traditional red rice. Then she whips together a condiment you'll find in refrigerators across the country, crisp pickled vegetables. Next, there's the classic caldo de res...
S5 Ep10 - Mexican Sweets 20:59

S5 Ep10 - Mexican Sweets

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When it comes to dessert, Mexico has had many influences, and today Marcela shows us some of her favourites. First, she marries layers of rich, creamy flan and chocolate cake in a chocolate flan that will make your mouth water! Next, light and delicious crepes - stuffed with pecans, banan...
S5 Ep9 - Holy Mole! 20:59

S5 Ep9 - Holy Mole!

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Oaxaca is one of Marcela's favourite places in all of Mexico, and today she's showing us everything she loves about that city and its fascinating culinary traditions. Talk of food in Oaxaca always starts with mole negro, the quintessential sauce famous for its richness and layers of flavo...
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