Michela's Tuscan Kitchen

September 2021


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Michela puts twist on fish and chips with seabass in a bag - a steamed parcel of fish and vegetables, and after visiting an artisan bakery in Siena makes a classic Italian cake.


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Michela celebrates aperitivo hour - a traditional pre-dinner drink and snack - with a delightful chicken liver pate recipe. She also uncovers the best seasonal, locally grown fruit and vegetables, and the creamiest of ricottas, and uses them to dish up a twist on an old favourite with a wonderful porcini mushroom lasagne, ...
August 2021


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Michela is back in Tuscany where she explores an olive estate during the annual olive harvest in the south of the region, and tastes Livorno's most famous fish dish - cacciucco. Back in her kitchen she prepares rainbow ricotta gnocchi.


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Michela samples the delights of fresh truffles grown in the hills around Siena, and revives her love for chickpeas upon discovering a unique chickpea pancake in a back street local eatery. She also tastes potent ponce with the locals of Livorno - a rum based drink with a kick. Back in the kitchen Michela cooks up baked egg...


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A trip to a red onion farm in Certaldo in the region of Tuscany inspires Michela to prepare a mouth-watering panzanella salad - a local speciality made with fresh onion, tomato, and stale bread. Michela follows up further travels round the region with a warming pork dish of pork medallions, with onion, apple and cider and ...


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Michela explores the butchers, markets, and restaurants of Tuscany, where she discovers delectable local produce. Along with sister Emi, Michela serves pork with mango and peperoncino, then turns her attention to an easy cheats version of mushroom risotto made with porcini mushrooms, followed by a simple dessert of fresh r...


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Michela finds delicious deep fried polenta in Livorno - a traditional street food snack, a deli specialising in wild boar products in San Gimignano, and bee keeps in Montalcino, tasting heavenly local honey. Excited by her finds Michela returns to the kitchen to cook up crispy polenta with melted cheese, a Chippa take on s...
July 2021


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Michela visits the region of Tuscany known for its fresh produce, visiting the coastal city of Livorno with its wonderful seafood, and a Tuscan village to make fresh pici pasta with the locals. Back at home Michela serves bagna cauda - a warm creamy anchovy based sauce - ideal for dipping vegetables and crusty bread, a qui...


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Welsh-Italian home cook Michela Chiappa showcases the best of Tuscan cuisine, travelling to Tuscany to meet the producers of delicious local ingredients.


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Welsh Italian home cook Michela Chiappa showcases the best of Tuscan cuisine, travelling to Tuscany to meet the producers of delicious local ingredients.