Million Dollar Listing


Ep 12 Crossroads

4.0 12 x
A $13 million Laguna Beach property tests the Brits in the Season 7 finale. Also; Josh Flagg struggles to focus in the wake of a devastating loss; and Josh Altman must choose between an all-consuming listing or spending more time with Heather.

Ep 11 Circling the Waters

3.0 10 x
Josh Altman is hired by his idol, entrepreneur Daymond John ("Shark Tank"), to find commercial space for his headquarters. Meanwhile, David and James try to persuade a couple to sell their dream house, and Josh Flagg's personal life is shattered.

Ep 10 Million Dollar Frisking

4.0 5 x
The pressure's on when Josh Altman and his brother seek a Beverly Hills getaway for a potential international client. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg enters crisis mode as Edith's health declines, and James and David seek an L.A. home for a huge client.

Ep 9 Reality Bites

4.0 8 x
A hard-nosed client tests James and David. In other developments, a frustrated Josh Flagg discovers other agents don't prize one of his top properties; and Josh Altman scores a big listing just as his personal life begins to crumble.

Ep 8 All Business, No Pleasure

4.0 11 x
Josh Altman helps a street artist find the perfect home. Meanwhile, Josh Flagg grows concerned about Grandma Edith's health while helping a friend score a summer pad; and James and David assist old friends in their quest to sell a home.
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