Millionaire Matchmaker


Ep 7 The Shy Extrovert and The Rescuer

4.0 5 x
Although Fiona Forbes makes her money being an extrovert on TV, she is very shy and keeps to herself when it comes to her personal life. Meanwhile, Jack Roddy is a fire insurance salesman looking in all the wrong age brackets for a partner.

Ep 6 Mr. Superficial and the Nut Job Magnet

3.0 2 x
Robbie Mione is looking to get married but his superficiality and jokes keep him from connecting with women. Since his divorce, Dane says he has attracted only "nut jobs." Can Patti help Dane filter out the crazies so that he can find a wife?

Ep 5 The Late Bloomer And The Gay Hugh Hefner

3.0 3 x
A double gay episode as Patti and her new assistants look for appropriate gay men and lesbians for their two famous clients!

Ep 4 The Running Man And Great Expectations

4.0 8 x
Joe Bayen is an entrepreneur and former champion runner worth $40 million who made his fortune with computer apps. Joe wants to settle down and have a family, but he keeps travelling the globe for business and isn't taking time to meet a wife.

Ep 3 Courtney And The Peacock

3.0 9 x
Courtney Kerr is a fashion blogger, TV host, and star of Bravo's "Courtney Loves Dallas." She's stuck in her past relationships and needs to move forward to find love. Patti's second client is Stefan Daylqvist, a successful Norweigian designer.
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