Mine Kings

Mine Kings catch up


8. Explosives And Emeralds

4.5 130 x
To find Zambia's legendarily rich vein of emeralds, the Mine Hunters will have to dig deeper and remove more earth than they have ever done before.

7. Black Opal

3.3 122 x
The team travels to Lightning Ridge, north of Sydney in Australia, seeking a small-scale mine that could produce one of the rarest and most valuable opals on the planet - the Black Opal.

6. African Aquamarine

4.0 50 x
The Mine Hunters travel to Zambia searching for an ethical small-scale mine producing one of the most sought after stones in the country - the highly elusive double-blue aquamarine.

5. Dynamite Garnet

1.5 32 x
The team is in Tanzania, hunting for an ethical mine that produces Africa's infamous pink garnets.

4. King Sapphire

4.0 53 x
The Mine Kings travel to the south of Sri Lanka on the hunt for a small-scale ethical mine that could produce one of the rarest sapphires of all ? the legendary Padparadja.

3. Blood Red Rubies

2.5 49 x
Melting from climate change in Greenland has revealed barren rock and brilliant gems for the first time. Locals are permitted to mine their own land, but the rookies need help.

2. Seven Sapphires

3.0 172 x
The Mine Hunters travel to Madagascar, heading to one of the few places in the world where a single mine can produce sapphires of every color of the rainbow.