Missing Angel

May 2022

S1 Ep1

54 x
Julie Castro has been missing for over eight years. Her mother Suzanne searches in vain for a sign of life. While visiting a patient, she sees Julie's face in a photo of a recent protest that appeared in a newspaper.

S1 Ep2

39 x
Following the discovery of Anais' body, suspicion falls on Suzanne. For her, the disappearance of Julie has a direct link with the murder of Anais. Gabrielle Varan, a young police captain, is in charge of the investigation.

S1 Ep3

19 x
Suzanne introduces herself to the town pharmacist, Eric Desner, after her conviction. The police believe he's the one who kidnapped Julie.

S1 Ep4

28 x
Suzanne tries to get Stéphanie to tell her where her daughter is being held captive, and her morals spiral so close to getting her daughter back.