MKR The Wrap

MKR The Wrap catch up


Week 11

3.0 114 x
The teams are on the home stretch with the Spice Girls cooking their way straight into the semi-finals and the Pommies serving up 3 near perfect meals! All the action is right here for you!

Week 10

3.0 79 x
Will and Steve, Drasko and Bianca and Jac and Shaz are first to claim their spot in the 2015 MKR finals! Catch all the action right here!

Week 9

3.0 118 x
It's fun and games for the contestants this week as they hit up Sydney's Luna Park to serve delightful meals to patrons. Who will be the star of this challenge?

Week 8

3.0 96 x
Talk about cooking to impress! This week saw the contestants battle it out People's choice at a garden wedding. Oh and the Bride is a Chef herself! Watch it all here...

Week 7

3.0 87 x
The beginning of Sudden Death Cook Offs this week has seen some shock exits! All the action is right here waiting for you!

Week 6

3.0 101 x
What a week! We saw record breaking scores set in the kitchen, said goodbye to the NSW promo girls and entered Kitchen Headquarters! Watch now for all the action!

Week 5

3.0 71 x
The competition is certainly heating up! Only the best will make it through! Who will it be?

Week 4

3.0 104 x
A tough week for our new contestants! Will the Dad duo handle the heat over the british lads Will and Steve?