Moka's Fabulous Adventures!

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 22 (Captain Moka's Great Journey)

3.0 7 x
Moka and Cherry have reached the end of the map. Before them is the ocean, but after that? Moka sets sail on an expedition to explore the uncharted waters. If something lies beyond, Captain Moka will discover it!

Season 1, Episode 21 (Dance Of The Desert Of Death)

2.7 2 x
Moka and Cerise are looking for water in the desert. A rain dance, that's what they need! But Cherry absolutely refuses to dance. That's just silly!

Season 1, Episode 20 - Prince Moka's Impossible Bath

4.0 5 x
Moka thinks you can't combine soap and adventure. Think again!

Season 1, Episode 52 - The Rest Of The Royal Guard

3.0 5 x
Cherry is at the end of her tether. Her nerves are in tatters and she needs some R&R! A day at the snow monkeys' hot springs should do it. But to Moka, nothing could be more boring... Can he remain quiet?

Season 1, Episode 51 - The Indestructible Dam Of Justice

4.0 3 x
Cherry wants Moka to assume his responsibilities! He jumps at the idea and tries his hand at settling a beaver dispute. But being a judge is a very complex job, and a lot of responsibility for a little kid...

Season 1, Episode 78 - Kushka The First, Part 3: The Union Of Heroes

4.0 7 x
Cherry and Moka try to overthrow Koushka by destroying the Scepter of the Ancients, but do they have what it takes to bring down the giant lion? The power of friendship will be their greatest weapon...

Season 1, Episode 50 - The Compass With No Compassion

2.5 8 x
Moka finds a compass which points towards adventure... supposedly. He decides to follow it - even when it defies all common sense. Without Cherry to protect him, it looks like the compass would lead him over the brink...

Season 1, Episode 19 - The Crystals Of Discordance

3.0 3 x
Moka and Cherry get lost in a maze... and in their own reflections!

Season 1, Episode 49 - The Wrath Of Richie The Conqueror

3.0 2 x
Cherry pays a visit to the young stick insect she trained for combat... and discovers that he now leads an army bent on world domination! Cherry wants to stop him, but is more violence really the answer?

Season 1, Episode 77 - Kushka The First, Part 2: The Chosen One

4.0 5 x
Moka and Cherry look for a means to bring King Gator back to normal and chase Koushka out from the throne. But even a prophecy by the Ancients doesn't seem to give Moka the hope he needs. Will he be able to face his destiny?